FM2210BV Reusable Kids Face PM2.5 Mask with Moisture Valve

SKU: FM2210BV(Bunny02)

Color: Bunny02
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FM2210BV(Bunny02) Reusable Kids Face PM2.5 Mask with Moisture Valve facemask

FM2210BV(Bunny01) Reusable Kids Face PM2.5 Mask with Moisture Valve

- Each color mask comes with 2 replaceble filter inserts (Free two PM2.5 filters !): 

- With breathing moisture valve: It reduce heat and moisture build-up. Valve opens upon exhaling, lowering breathing resistance. It close on inhale making the filters work. Unique ventilation design, a plurality of holes, excellent permeability will help you breathe in a cleaner, healthier way It also keeps you away.

- With adjustable ear strap: fit a variety of face and comfortable to wear.

Best Feedback for Reusable Face Masks

- Save your budget: The entire face mask is completely reusable except for the PM2.5 filters. However, these PM2.5 filters can be used up to 5 to 7 days before replacing. Each of these PM2.5 filters are really cheap to buy. Save even more by keeping yourself healthier

- It's washable: Dilute any antibacterial detergent soap in water. Remove the PM2.5 filter from your mask. Soak the reusable face mask according to your detergent soap’s instructions for cleaning. Gently wash the face mask. Wash clean with clear water and let dry under a shady place.

- Material : Cotton

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