NMB-32 Single Strap Backpack/Messenger Bag

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This NMB-32 Single Strap Backpack/Messenger Bag is the perfect combination of fashion and function. Wear it as a backpack or flip it over and use it as a messenger bag. Either way, you'll be stylin' - and you'll be able to carry all your stuff with ease. So sling it on and get ready to make an impression!

  • Length/Height/Width: 11.5" / 17.5" / 4.5" 
  • Monogrammable 
  • Zipper Closure 
  • Front Velcro Pocket 
  • Side Mesh Pocket 
  • Adjustable Single Shoulder Strap 
  • Materials: Microfiber

NMB-32 Basketball Single Strap Backpack/Messenger Bag * Length/Height/Width : 11.5" / 17.5" / 4.5" * Monogrammable * Zipper Closure * Front Velcro Pocket * Side Mesh Pocket * Adjustable Single Shoulder Strap * Materials : Microfiber

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