SANI01 Premium Hand Sanitizer Gel


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SANI01 Premium Hand Sanitizer Gel facemask

SANI01 Premium Hand Sanitizer Gel

- Contains 70% ethanol to prevent infection: Various bacteria and viruses can be easily infected by hands. This product contains 70% ethanol to remove 99.9% of bacteria from hands. 

Pharmaceutical product license for KFDA: Safety of hand sanitizer is the most as it removes germs. Protect your hand skin with quasi-drug, proved by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. 

Moisturizing ingredient for extra moisture: This product maintians moist hand skin without dryness as it contains hyaluronic acid which is moisture reservoir and nature derived ingredients. 

- No harsh chemicals: Controversial ingredients were not used. 

- FDA registered: You may use it with confidence. 


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